Ways ​

Charlotte “Mama” Rose is an artist, psychic and mother who guides her clients to full health and the development of their own unique talents using a method of energy work she’s developed since childhood called, “Guided Healing”. Guided Healing is performed differently depending on the needs and preferences of the individual and may involve talking, hands hovering and moving a few inches to a few feet beyond the body, guided visualization, guided breathing, movement and/or light touch.
Clients may choose to lie fully clothed on a massage table or rest in another comfortable position during the session.

Guided Healing may include; the delivery of information about a clients health, well-being, career and life circumstances , support from guides and loved ones who have passed, the physical reorganization of body structures including the release of tension and healing of disease and ailments, emotional release and mental healing including the restructuring of neural pathways and the restoration of mental health.

Mama Rose also offers other services including Animal Healing, Ceremonies including weddings, Mediumship, group Psychic Readings and more.A referral discount and sliding scale is offered.

Reach out with questions and/or to book your session at contact@mamarose.blog and follow on Social Media (IG, FB, Twitter) for art, insight, events, writing and more @dearmamarose