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.Anna Lucia
Energy Worker, Coach, Artist
There is ongoing scientific proof that the human body carries channels of electricity within it – and that when certain gateways for ionic energy to pass through are closed off, disease can occur.  The practice of how to pass and move energy is found in so many ancient cultures, that having an open mind on your healing and life path is almost essential.  In modern life now, there are multiple practices of moving energy for deep healing.  
$60 -60 minutes   
Reiki is an ancient healing technique originating from Japan - loosely translated,"reiki" means "universal life energy".  When receiving a reiki session, the client will lie fully clothed on a table, with the reiki practitioner placing or hovering their hands over various areas or chakras of the body.  This is how universal energy is transfered to the client.  

Reiki may benefit:

  • Anxiety, depression, or mental health
  • Headaches, arthritis, or some physical ailments
  • Emotional pain or stress
  • Fatigue and energy levels
  • Spiritual growth/clearing
  • Sleep and insomnia 
  • Assists in the body's healing processes
  •  ...and is a beautiful way to compliment other treatments and therapies via energetic self-care. 

Health Kinesiology
$75 -60 minutes   
$145 -Initial 2 hour consult
Health Kinesiology, also known as Natural Bioenergetics (founded by Dr. Jimmy Scott), is one of the most dynamic modern forms of energy work.  It is based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) concepts of meridians and accupuncture points, and combined with muscle testing techniques from Applied Kinesiology. 

HK may help to: 

  • Release emotional, psychological, and physical traumas
  • Eliminate or ease allergies or sensitivities
  • Overcome learning blocks
  • Spiritual growth/clearing
  • Sleep and insomnia
  • Balances the body's natural energetic centers
  • ​Generally helpful for very sensitive people
  • ...and SO much more. 

It often uses incredibly creative techniques and energetic "corrections" developed by Dr. Jimmy Scott that range as far as the imagination can go.
Specialty Coaching
$75 -60 minutes   
$145 -Initial 2 hour consult
​​​Self-empowerment and narcissism recovery support:

Learn about symptoms of being a child of a narcissist, work closely with Anna to discover more about who you truly are underneath the layer of issues your childhood instilled upon you.

​​One-on-one co-creation:

One-on-one co-creation is a service that could change your life by working past your fears, getting to the root of your desires as an artist, and connecting back to your heart in order to manifest your art freely once again. The purpose of this service is to work together to overcome artist’s block (i.e. FEAR) by co-creating art from your soul and stepping into your power.