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Kaily N. Zaic
Artist, Healer, Mother

"​Kaily Zaic brings her whole self to the healing process. She treats not only the body but the mind and spirit of her clients as well. Her calm, strong presence put me immediately at ease during our session. I was able to completely relax and allow Kaily to realign my body and my energy."
-Lauren Asheim 
Kaily's path has been one of self discovery and learning the essence of healing and connecting with the core of unconditional love.
Through this journey she has studied and practiced various healing, spiritual and metaphysical tools to develop a practice through her own spiritual awakening and transformation.

Kaily went to Centerpoint School of Massage and Shiatsu in 2010. Over the years of practice developed an intuitive guide to work with physical and energetic aspects of helping clients work through core issues.

Kaily is also reiki certified and was initiated into the Modern Mystery Schools Empower Thyself training, gained deeper sensitivity to energy and how to work with it.
Her passions and years of study include the work of crystal energy, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, astrology, tarot and meditation.

After years of being on a healing path, she began to realize that healing is a never ending journey and started seeking the truth of why she was on it and where it was bringing her. Soon discovering the powerful force of art and the incredible healing power in creativity.